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    YongwangChengxin  Three Reasons You Choose
    YongwangChengxin Three Reasons You Choose
    The experienced marketing team
    The experienced marketing team

    Quality and cheap, provide perfect after sale service

    To reduce costs, reduce the investment risk. The progress of modern science and technology and rapid speed, and&nbs

    Introduction of modern inspection equipment
    Science pipeline stress calculation
    Repair team and repair Laboratory
    Repair team and repair Laboratory

    Process management, rigorous, professional and thoughtful, convenient service

    The majority of repair for components, save a lot of maintenance costs for customers. In line with international&nb

    Apparatus and equipment operation training
    Apparatus and equipment operation training

    Training, protection, maintenance, adjustment, inspection!

    Provide customers with on-site instruments and equipment operation training, protection, maintenance, adjustment, testing and othe

    Professional distribution transport, trans-regional service capabilities
    ShenZhen Yongwang Chengxin Technologies Co. LTD specialty is engaged in the process development promotion and process product supply service system, the main business electronic measuring instruments, laboratory equipment, quality testing instrument, dust-free workshop, ventilation, air conditioning engineering, epoxy floor, PVC floor engineering, mechanical and electrical installation project, the central hot water engineering and construction for the integration of mechanical and electrical engineering, industry automation assembly line, industrial automation equipment, SMT placement machin. [Detailed]

    Solution development, marketing and product supply system

    Strong technical support Excellent management team

    Service Hotline:


    Frequently Asked Questions
    • Precision measuring tools is to ensure that one of the important conditions for the quality of the product. To keep the measuring accuracy and reliabi.

    • Should the gauge measuring surface and parts of the surface is measured to clean 1 before measuring, so as to avoid dirt exists affect measurement acc.

    • If the above three steps are not found any problems, then check all circuits. Whether the wire circuit breaker view appears, especially the wire groov.

    • As the maintenance staff negligence, it may be that some sensor position errors, such as not in place, the sensitivity of sensor fault, fault etc.. Sh.

    Information note:

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    Tel: 860755 33816869/36608662 Address: Baohua Buiding 8 floor,Chaotou Industrial Area,Fuyong Town,Baoan District,Shenzhen City,China.

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    Two-dimensional code Network Security Industry and commerce
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